About Ants

Since the year 2005, Ants Consulting & Services Pvt. (Ants) is actively working to create a nationwide network of centres that provide high quality vocational education, a?ordable & accessible to youths; leading to gainful employment and career growth. We have pioneered several Innovative Vocational Education Models and have collaboration with Government, Industries, Corporates and NGOs to ensure the students are well skilled, certi?ed & employed in a relevant sector. All courses are certi?ed by the Sector Skill Councils (or SSC’s) of the concerned sector.
With over a decade experience in training delivery, employment linkages & research and advocacy, Ants likes to consolidate its vision of o?ering Vocational Education Training (VET) to youth in cities, smaller towns and even villages; which is a?ordable, accessible, replicable, e?ective and; leads to long-term career and life-long learning.


Our vision is to provide every individual, access to Vocational Education & Training, Employability, Life-long-learning and Career growth, thereby creating a more sustainable society.


Create a nationwide network of centres that provide high quality vocational education and provide a learning environment that helps youth to acquire knowledge, skills & competencies. Actively engage with Industries/ Companies/ Employers, Sector Skill Councils and other industry bodies to build a very strong skilled workforce in India.


To provide Skill training to 300,000 youth by the year 2022.