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Partnership opportunities

“Ants as a social enterprise would like to partner with like-minded organisations. Ants solicits opportunities with Universities, Community Colleges, Investors, Corporates, NGOs and Volunteers. You can partner with Ants:

As a Community College

Opportunities which International skill development Institutions could address:
• Development of transnational standards for vocational education
• Development of online/offline assessment tools and training curriculum
International skill development Institutions can bring in expertise to leverage Ant’s infrastructure and reach. The partners can contribute through state-of-the-art curriculum, recognised international certifications and assessment modules. Students can opt to transfer credits with Large Universities in other countries.

As an Investors:

Our projects can create greater social impact, at the same time a good ROI. Ants is an ideal investment opportunity. Invest in Ants: We are looking at like-minded social entrepreneurs, Individuals, Funding organisations.

As a Corporate Social Responsibilities:

Skill training is an important CSR activity in India. Corporate can sponsor youth’s training, certification, placements and mentorship. Titan, Shell (I), ACC, HDFC Ltd, American India foundation, Big Lottery (UK).

As a Corporate training:

If you have operation in India, We can upskill your staff and provide them training in technical as well as attitudinal changes.

As a Recruiter:

Tie-up with us. Tell us your recruitment plan for the next 6 months. We can provide trained manpower when you are ready.

As a Franchise or as an entrepreneur (Start-up):

Join hands with Ants. Skilling is the next big thing in India. Association with us will give you on a platter a decade of expertise and well as assignments & contracts. Our franchisee team will help you with your business plan and set it rolling.

If you are interested in our partnership opportunities please contact us by filling the form below :