At ANTS we train the youth to meet the challenges that they may face in their journey of life.  There is a general lack of understanding about teaching and training. Therefore we have developed a training model that has adopted from both pedagogy and andragogy.  Our model of training is learner centric because our main concern is to bridge the gap between student and knowledge of skill. Since our cohort come from diverse background we view each individual as an independent entity who brings with him his unique set of experience consisting of apprehensions, aspirations and motivations. We begin by assessing ‘who they are’,‘how do they work’, ‘what motivates them’ and ‘where their skills can be best utilized.’ The effort is to offer them a path full of opportunities to reach their goals. To make skills training conducive to the participatory group we ensure interactivity, linkages with practical application and encourage curiosity because that keeps them engaged. Therefore our model is based on 30% theory input and 70% application based learning.
The journey of life is not only about honing knowledge and skill it is also about integrity, accountability and responsibility. Therefore our curriculum delves into life-skills through inculcating values and ethics. High on Skills and low on values would create a dangerous manipulator and therefore we make a very conscious effort of instilling interpersonal and intra-personal values. Sharing and caring are taught by showing the importance of interaction, interdependence and common good. We believe no training is complete unless the participant has undergone holistic development and evolved as a good human being. To achieve this our team consists of a relevant pool of academicians, industry experts and professional trainers. Some of the training methods and tools used by our experts include group activities, videos displays, role plays and  simulation exercises Inside the classroom training is supplemented by case studies and projects. We also include guest lectures, industry visits and workshops to create a vibrant industry institute interface. Over the years we have created an excellent symbiotic relationship between society, corporate and our students based on mutual exchange of knowledge and skills. To guarantee quality third party external assessments are conducted on the performance of the participant . The students are provided with authenticated certification.